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I was writing long before I was good at it. 

Before I was 15 I had written my own spin-offs of the Animorphs series, a newsletter of theological reflections on U2's discography, a novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and a screenplay for an original supernatural drama-thriller with the plot entirely driven by hard rock lyrics. 

To my knowledge, and to everyone else's great relief, none of it survives. 

In college, I discovered that I liked writing about writing as much as I liked writing -- which I'd actually gotten rather good at. During the sweltering Michigan summer of 2012, when I was fresh out of school and managing a new storefront, I found myself snatching what free-time I could to make notes on how the cosmic horror of H. P. Lovecraft shared common themes with French philosophy post-1960. It only took a few side-eyes to convince me that it was time to go back to school. 

I will graduate with my PhD in English from Loyola University Chicago in Summer 2019. My research thus far has focused on religion in literature, theology and literary theory, and the political "theaters" in which art and religion play themselves out. I've produced award-winning scholarship and taught some incredible students, but I've never lost sight of my own love for the creative spark and for seeing it flame up in others. Whether in a full classroom or a one-on-one editing session, there is little I love more than igniting the imagination and helping others achieve a vision through the written word. 

If you like what you read in my portfolio and would like me to write something for you, or edit something you've written, please let me know below! I offer professional writing and editing services for all sorts of projects, from academic articles to dissertation formatting to creative writing. Tell me what you need, and ask about my rates. I would be thrilled to hear about your passion-project! 

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