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I am a writer and teacher currently based in Chicago, where I am an English PhD candidate at Loyola University. I am also a contributing editor for TL;DR Press. My interests and expertise include contemporary literature and publishing, modern theology and philosophy, and how the past helps us talk about the present. I love expressing big ideas for wide audiences, and helping others do the same! 


I have produced award-winning scholarship in the fields of religion and literature, the philosophy of religion, and textual studies. I've also made my research available to wider audiences in dozens of articles for popular journals, exploring the intersections of religion, art, and politics. I've worked as a freelance writer and editor for numerous publications and for individual clients, on projects as diverse as scholarly monographs and small poetry journals. 


In addition to my teaching and scholarship, I frequently publish short articles and stories on art, faith, and culture. I am also available as a contract writer and editor. As a writing teacher, I love hearing new ideas and helping new and experienced writers achieve their visions! If you would like to commission me for a piece, or would like editorial services for your academic, technical, or creative writing, send me a note below to discuss my rates and share what you're working on!


Recent Writing and Other Projects

Critical Theory

"Divine But Not Sacred: A Girardian Answer to Agamben's The Kingdom & The Glory" (Contagion v.26; Winner of the Raymund Schwager Memorial Essay Prize 2017)

Creative Nonfiction

"Omakase" (The Other Journal)

Religion and Popular Culture

"Hacksaw Ridge and the Strange Sovereignty of God" (Editor's Pick at Christ & Pop-Culture)


"Orthodoxy" (A poem in The Cresset)

TL;DR Press

I worked as an editor on Kindred, a family-themed anthology featuring 26 short stories and poems by emerging writers distributed by TL;DR Press. All proceeds go to the Kempe Foundation.

Theory and Criticism

"Horror After Theory" (Chapter in The Palgrave Handbook to Horror Literature)

Horror Fiction

My story "Tsukumogami" appears in this collection of spine-tingling tales that will keep you awake at night. Distributed by TL;DR Press, with all proceeds going to the Pilcrow Foundation.

Book Review

Reviews of "Giving the Devil His Due" and "Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the Search for Influence" by Jessica Hooten-Wilson (Christianity & Literature)

Religion and Culture

"It Isn't Rest Until it Isn't For Anything" (Fathom Magazine)

New Media and Critical Theory

"Powers of the False, the Slender Man, and Post-Postmodernism" (Cultural Analysis)

Book Review

A review of "Critical Theology" by Carl Raschke (The Englewood Review of Books)

Creative Nonfiction

"On Becoming Something, Possibly A Novelist" (Part of Rock & Sling's Artists Series)

Creative Nonfiction

"A Different Definition of Dignity; or What Watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II With My Grandma Taught Me About Being a Grownup" (The Mennonite)

Textual Criticism

"Building Devotion: History, Use, and Meaning in John Buck's Book" (Winner of the Textual Cultures Essay Prize 2019 through the Society of Textual Scholarship)

Music Review

"Elephants and End Times: A Review of 'Eat the Elephant' by A Perfect Circle" (Christ & Pop-Culture)

Creative Nonfiction

"The Word the World Doesn't Want" (Ruminate)

Music Review

"The Spiritual Topology of 'Sleep Well Beast'" (Christ & Pop-Culture)

Literary Criticism

"Reading Shusaku Endo's 'Silence' with an Eschatological Imagination" (Renascence)

Book Review

"Spending Summer Scared" (Part of Rock & Sling's Summer Reading series)

Creative Nonfiction

"Prayer" (Part of Rock & Sling's Make It New series)

Literary Criticism

"Ressourcing John Henry Newman" (Loyola U. Chicago Victorian Society)

Horror Fiction

"Beelzy's Lot" (Unfolded)

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